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Branding Illustration

H nut products

Theme Focus
Year 2021
Type Logomark
Minimal logo symbol for product design that is, products from the nut itself - hazelnut.
About Product

The product is based on the quantity packaging of bulk hazelnuts in paper bags and concentrated peanut butter in jars.

In the process of designing packaging for the product, the logo was necessary to represent the main appearance of the brand. Therefore, it was also used as a main element in the whole design story.
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The appearance of the product should be noticeable and concise. With a noticeable look for all generations and a color that will stand out on the kitchen shelf.

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Creating an iconic symbol can sometimes be the first face of a company or brand. This is exactly what we tried to achieve in this design process. Practical mirroring of the background activity. On the question of what is important to consumers, we realized that it is the raw material for the product and thus we concretized the final emphasis.