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Branding Product Design

RHL Natural cosmetics

Theme Fictitious product
Year 2020
Role Packaging Design
When we say that grandmothers have the best medicine, it can be true. On this topic, I worked out the representation of the great power of the plant Roof House Leek. Presenting it as a capsule in the field of cosmetics that significantly affects the improvement of the skin.

The serum should be concentrated in a capsule similar to the leaves of the plant, while the packaging will have the same content presented on the outside on a clear background.

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About Product

About Product

The product is intended for the renewal and firming of the skin. The dose in the capsule is 100% pure plant extract, so one dose per day is excellent therapy. Equally important is to follow the rules of use, i.e. how it should be applied to have the best effect.
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The project represents a fictitious creation of a product with completely my own rules and ideas about its "existence".
Inspiration always comes from the dearest, so this product was definitely approved by my grandmother. What's more, it was also approved by the Packaging of the World site for worldwide designers.

Modern medical research has shown that the Houseleek contains carbohydrates, isocitric acid, citric acid, malic acid, malonic acid, free amino acids (asparagines), carbonic phenol acid, flavonoids, and mucilage. Flavonoids contribute to their anti-inflammatory properties. So once again, modern scientists can confirm what the ancients and rustics have known for centuries.
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"As it takes care of my house, so it takes care of my health. Present to others what is useful and good!"