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Bright Smile Lab

Theme Rebranding Design
Year 2023
Sector Dental Clinic
In the exciting process of rebranding a dental clinic, a comprehensive and engaging visual identity was crafted to communicate professionalism, warmth, and modernity. The rebranding design elements center around the concept of creating a positive and comforting experience for patients while reflecting the clinic's commitment to quality oral healthcare.

It all started with Designing the Packaging...

What was
the request?

The requirement was to get a box that would express itself in the large American market and be at a high level with the competition.



After the box was made, we realized that the whole brand should match and that we should adjust them to the same identity.

And we started with the basic work, i.e. finishing the icon from the logo.

Postcard for the Packaging

Trifold - Instruction design

Letter promo for Clinics

Folder Design

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