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Branding Product Design

Threetone Hand creams

Theme Striking look
Year 2022
Role Branding Product
Product design for hand cream intended for girls and women. High-quality and striking looks for anyone who has room in their bag. And the smell itself keeps you in constant use.
Single Image
Single Image

Friendly packaging with colors pleasing to the eye and a good mood. Simple but loud. That will help you find it more easily.

The goal of the product presentation was to be a simple presentation, very pleasant and sweet to perceive. The key was the palette of colors that take the biggest part of the whole look and a large but soft print of the brand identity. The packaging itself was a suitable surface for us to perform the design.
Single Image

And from the row of other shelves, look this way and choose the one you need, and if you like them that much, take the complete package.

Final Approach

Final Approach

Feel the tenderness from the inside as it looks from the outside, and wishes to share it with your loved ones. A gift in this form is a sign that you think of your friend as well.

"If it looks like I don't want to use it up
then it looks great."