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Souvenir Shop

Theme Gift
Year 2022
Type Store identity
Let me present you with a part of a beauty that has conquered me. It is the island of Zakynthos. Turtle - a symbol of the wonders of that space. Something every visitor hopes to see there. In countless shops, the main element of most things for sale is exactly the turtle symbol.
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My goal

Client Needings

As I said about my worship on this island, I wanted to leave my stamp there. Due to the many years, I have been visiting, I have also had the opportunity to meet many of the people who live and work there. So I came up with the idea of giving a new and fresh look to the souvenir shop as a gift from me for the wonderful stay.
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I finally had the opportunity to repay the kindness in my own way. Creating the logo was exciting and beautiful at the same time. The symbol remained a symbol, as beautiful to me as the real ones out there. Surrounded by whiteness like every linen shirt that fluttered on the hanging ropes.

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Maybe now we are in the top fancy stores because of the new and modern look. We hope the goods sell well!