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Rottel IT Company

Theme Rebranding Design
Year 2022
Platform IT sector
When it comes to refreshing the look, character should not be lost. The creation of a new identity is aimed at strengthening and improving work.

The key to building their company is the step-by-step rule. Assembling things and positioning them in their right place. That's why building the new look is a piece-by-piece design.

The most rewarding part to put together this look was the design thinking process, which looked like stacking a collage. A technique that is always useful when creating. So clearly the necessary ideas and materials were spread on the table.
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About Company

About Product

The company is built by young and ambitious people who look at self-presentation with different eyes. When it comes to presenting a complete company, it is most important to observe all the important factors.
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In the story of arranging things in some order, free movement is also allowed. The whole little story is made up of elements that are connected to some significant elements, including the new logo design.

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Lay out your story in the steps it was built on and watch it allow room for expansion.