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Theme Materials
Year 2022
Brief Brand Design
Circle checked design and in the best line.
Fashion line of costume designs made for some purpose. Making full suits and masks.
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Each role has its own character and also its own costume.
Make yourself different and stand out from others. Clothes can speak a lot about what you want to portray.

There are multiple elements in a focal point.
A stand on which the material is screwed, a perfect process of making designs, and a mirror that reflects it all.
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About Designer

About Product

Designers from two areas it is a never-ending conversation. The designer behind this brand knew exactly how he wanted to portray his ideas. Plain and simple. Expensive and quality.
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What the logo represents is a perfect circle shape in which any material can be wound and a solid post that holds them. As the material flows, it reflects its beauty.

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Through the prism of a rounded whole, choose what will make you special. We are the best stand where those materials should stand perfectly.