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Стаклена Градина

Theme Harvest
Year 2022
Role Brand Identity
Making a garden that will reflect every beauty of growing a plant. An unusual concept of growing vegetables in a greenhouse and in ecologically and socially better conditions.
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Single Image

Supporting small businesses with great business ideas is a wonderful thing to be a part of. A wonderful concept of building a garden and an even more fascinating process of its functioning.

Based on the hydroponic process, the de-icing method relieves us from damaging and polluting any part of our environment. Cleaner and healthier plants. No chemicals and pollutants. And less consumption of resources due to the way the water circulates.
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Tape Design
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Creating a small indication of representation of business activity.
The friendly and pleasant appearance of the brand itself and the values it will represent.

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Single Image

Social Media Template Design

Creating a simple and unique design for this lovely brand. Clear presentation of the product that they will produce on the market. 

Comprehensible and clear for the viewers without additional holdings with information.

Social Media Template
Final Approach

Final Approach

The possibility of visiting the garden and considering its entire concept towards the production of goods is offered to you in an excellent atmosphere. Everyone would be welcome to experience the beauty of producing and consuming healthy food.